Why Physical Security is Just as Important for Data Protection


Adrian Rickersey Sales Office Manager at Newgate

Monday, September 28, 2020

The majority of businesses create or require data that needs protecting, and there are a number of ways businesses can store and protect this data. However, many underestimate the importance of physical security when it comes to protecting important or sensitive data or information.

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Why Physical Security is Just as Important for Data Protection
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Not all data breaches are from hacking and malware. Insider threats are incredibly costly and hard to detect which is why it’s incredibly important to have the correct physical security in place and the right type of authorization for those working within the business.

Where should I implement physical security?

To protect yourself from an inside breach, you need to ensure there are some key physical security measures in place.

Server rooms

Securing the servers in which your data is held is essential and should involve a number of different security measures. At the very least, especially if storing data internally, server rooms should be protected by a secure access door which can incorporate biometric systems for additional security.

If not, ensuring that rooms are protected by lock and key is essential and it may be worthwhile to invest in CCTV or personnel to ensure that the access to your servers is restricted to help prevent the risk of a data breach.

Data centers

In the modern era, more businesses are using data centers to ensure their data and sensitive information remain secure so ensuring they’re protected is essential.

The majority of data centers already have effective internal systems revolving around access doors and security personnel. However, many overlook the importance of access control security.

Access control security involves restricting and preventing access to a building or facility to ensure that it remains safe and protected and there are a number of access control security options available including:

  • CCTV Systems
  • Security gates and barriers
  • Traffic control systems
  • Security bollards

What type of physical security should I be investing in?

If you want to ensure the physical safety of your data, there are a few ways you can invest in technology to strengthen your defenses.


CCTV is one of the more common access control security systems and the majority of businesses will already have some form of CCTV in place.

The main benefits of CCTV over other access control security systems is the ability to monitor and record any incidents that may occur which can be vital.

Security gates and barriers

Security gates and barriers, as well as other access control security options such as bollards, are more focused around restricting and preventing access to a certain site or facility.

This provides you with the ability to customize and integrate access control with additional accessories that can help not only restrict access to a site but also control the flow of traffic in and out of a facility.

Access control systems

If you’re a business who can’t police everyone, access control can be an ideal way to make sure only those trustworthy enough have access to certain parts of the business.

Access control systems can come in the form of intercom units, keypads and card readers that require certain personnel to have passwords and authorized equipment to show their legitimacy.

It’s recommended that your data centers have a combination of access control security systems and CCTV to ensure that your physical security is at the level that is required when protecting something as important and sensitive as personal data.

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Adrian Rickersey

Sales Office Manager at Newgate


Adrian Rickersey is the Sales Office Manager at Newgate, specialists in providing businesses throughout the UK and around the world with secured access solutions such as security barriers and gates, bollards and road blockers.


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