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Report Infoblox What is Lurking on Your Network?

What is Lurking on Your Network?

Download this report to gain a better understanding of the challenges that IT professionals face in securely managing shadow devices on enterprise networks.

It’ll explore insights provided by IT directors across the US, UK, Germany and UAE, and detail practical recommendations on how companies can best manage the rising threat of shadow devices. The complexities and security issues around managing BYOD schemes and unsanctioned Shadow IT operations have long been a cause for concern. Indeed, with cyber criminals increasingly exploiting vulnerable devices, it is crucial enterprise IT teams learn what is lurking on their networks and actively defend against threats.

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“Over a third of companies in the US, UK and Germany (35 percent) reported more than 5,000 non-business devices connecting to the network each day. Conversely, just 16 percent of IT directors in the UAE reported having more than 500 personal devices connecting to their networks.”