The Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity

Monday, July 8, 2019

Companies have a legal duty to ensure they protect the data of their clients. Breaches in security could end up costing your company millions of dollars when you tote up the potential penalties, civil suits, and reputational risk.

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The Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity

If you’re based in Europe, for example, you could be facing a fine of 4% of your annual sales, up to a total of $23.5 million. No matter how big your company is, that’s a lot of money.

And that’s not counting the havoc a hacker could wreak if they manage to get a fraudulent payment through, or gain access to your banking accounts.  Naturally, that would be problematic. So you need to ask yourself where your weakest link is and shore up security in that area.

Where’s your weakest link?

We all have procedures and processes in place to ensure we don’t fall victim to cybercrime. And then spend considerable amounts of time making our systems impenetrable. All of which is completely useless if an employee is considering stealing information or if they’re careless with their passwords and user names.

It could be that your employees are your weakest link. They might accidentally let information slip and so give a cybercriminal exactly what they need. Or they might decide to moonlight by selling off sensitive client or company details to the highest bidder.

While there is no question that you need to put in safeguards against outside attacks, you also need to ensure that internal attacks are minimized. But how?

Start with a program that filters out suspicious messages

Joe in accounting can’t open and access a link in a phishing email if the email never hits your servers. Start by installing a program that filters out messages that may be suspect.

Limit employee access

Employees should only have enough access to do their jobs. This is going to limit the potential damage they can do if they decide to go rogue. It will also be useful if an outside source manages to figure out what their access details are.

Run security awareness training sessions regularly

Security awareness training could be the difference between employees recognizing an attack and protecting the company from harm or unwittingly providing access to business critical information. Take the time to train staff what the signs of attacks are, and what measures to take to ensure they don’t fall victim.

This infographic from EveryCloud looks at the key cybersecurity stats you need to know, including top tips on how to stay secure.

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