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Report Forescout Total Visibility: The Master Key to Zero Trust

Total Visibility: The Master Key to Zero Trust

Forescout provides the device visibility platform for Zero Trust security

The Zero Trust model of information security has become a fixture in both the strategies of enterprise security teams and the roadmaps of security solution developers, and for good reason. Perimeter-focused security architectures that default to high trust levels on the internal network continue to fail disastrously and expensively. Read how the Forescout solution extends device visibility and control across Zero Trust’s seven key dimensions of a typical enterprise environment from networks and devices to people and workloads.

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"Visibility is the key in defending any valuable asset. You can’t protect the invisible. The more visibility you have into your network across your business ecosystem, the better chance you have to quickly detect the telltale signs of a breach in progress and to stop it." - Forrester Research