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Report Unraveling Threat Detection and Response Solutions

Unraveling Threat Detection and Response Solutions

Ongoing cyberattacks are raising the stakes for organizations to quickly detect and respond to threats across their IT ecosystem, identify and remediate risks, and close gaps in their security posture

The unfortunate reality is that few organizations have the in-house resources and expertise to effectively manage their security programs while also proactively defending against new and evolving threats. However, with managed detection and response (MDR) services taking a variety of forms – with significant variability across approaches – organizations will need to carefully consider which approach best fits their current and future needs and goals.

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This paper examines the challenges of threat detection and response. It unravels the nuances of various approaches to threat detection and response services, and details how partnering with an MDR service provider can enhance an organization’s ability to detect and respond rapidly to threats at scale.

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