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Report Sophos - Why ZTNA Matters

Why ZTNA Matters: The Future of Secure Networks

ZTNA secures remote access, defends against ransomware

Cybersecurity is all about risk and trust. Users have to trust the networks they have just logged in or the corporation they are trying to et access to. Users have to be fully aware of all the information they are trying to access, whether it be an email that appears to be from your business partner which may include unusual requests. The zero-trust model requires that anyone on the network must be authenticated in order to gain access, but that is not all. Any attempt to access a network resource, such as a server, application or data, requires the device or application used to access the resource must also be validated for compliance, then reauthenticated and validated each time a new request is made.

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This report covers:

  • The Zen of ZTNA
  • How to overcoming ransomware
  • Ransomware attacks drive ZTNA adoption