The Era of Single Sign-On Technology [Infographic]


Thomas RoachIT Content Creator and Researcher

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Data breaches are becoming more commonplace and it’s a challenge for businesses to ensure their data remains secure. So how can single sign-on technology help to achieve this whilst making things easier for everyone involved?

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The Era of Single Sign-On Technology [Infographic]

With online security now a more pertinent matter than ever, we cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting important data such as account login details. One method which has been introduced to cut down on the number of login combinations to memorize is single sign-on (SSO) technology, which allows multiple applications to be accessed from one set of login credentials.

Passwords can be guessed and subverted, while people might sometimes store login combinations on their phone so that they don’t need to remember them, leaving these details open to being hacked by unauthorized sources. While some systems require a second password to be entered (e.g. credit card transactions for some e-commerce sites), SSO asks for just one combination. This not only makes the login process easier but also notably quicker.

SSO comes in numerous forms, the most familiar of which is two-factor authentication (2FA). This requires the person logging in to carry with them a second verification factor such as a mobile phone which receives a one-time password. That way, even if a hacker obtains your password details, they won’t have access to the second factor and therefore can’t access your account. Thumbprint scanning is another widely-used 2FA method, with iPhone owners frequently being asked for this to complete transactions or logins.

This infographic from The Missing Link explains more about the fundamentals of SSO technology and outlines why it makes people’s online lives easier. Anything that enhances Internet security and reduces the need to remember multiple login combinations can only be a good thing!

The Era of Single Sign-On Technology [Infographic]


Thomas Roach

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