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The 6 Steps to Secure the SDLC

Don’t sacrifice innovation for security.

This guide is intended for those just getting started with application security testing, as well as for organizations that already have some testing in place but are ready for a more mature approach.

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Integrating security into the SDLC, not just as an afterthought or post-solution addition, ensures that proper procedures are in place to create safe digital products quickly, build business resilience, and reduce risk across your entire software supply chain.

However, the question remains: how do you actually secure the SDLC? The following pages will provide you with a breakdown of the six most essential elements for incorporating best-in-class security practices into your SDLC. You’ll learn how higher levels of automation (when correctly implemented) lead to faster response times that still maintain the highest level of security standards — plus you’ll learn best practices for defining those standards.