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Securing Containers and Infrastructure as Code for Cloud-native Software: The Why and the How

Veracode’s Static Analysis solution works for organizations seeking to better secure their applications without reducing development velocity within the business. It’s designed to deliver faster, automated security feedback earlier in the pipeline as well as full policy scans later in the development cycle prior to final code release. The result is unsurpassed accuracy and agility, and improved compliance with critical industry standards and regulations. Veracode Static Analysis delivers the right scan, at the right time, in the right place.

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As organizations attempt to reduce the time it takes their development teams to create and release new software, development practices are rapidly changing. Modern development practices hinge on fast, agile processes with no roadblocks. And developers need security testing solutions that can keep pace.

But many traditional AppSec solutions — which focused solely on scanning completed applications against policy — created these roadblocks. Often taking hours to complete, these solutions left developers unable to move forward, provided feedback out of context, and delayed the release of software.