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Report Softchoice

Revisiting endpoint security with Broadcom

The need to support secure remote access fast left little time to ensure the best protection.

In 2020, many organizations adopted antivirus and endpoint security tools with the thinking that, “it’s good enough for now, we’ll revisit later.” With 97 percent of former office workers wanting to stay remote at least part of the time in 2021 and beyond (Source: Forbes), it’s time to revisit those investments. Organizations that made ad hoc endpoint protection software purchases need to ask themselves: Is “good enough” still good enough?

Report Snap Shot

We’ll explain how to:

  • Adjust your approach to security visibility for a distributed workforce
  • Decide what’s more important for manageability: simplicity or granularity
  • Know whether you have the right insights to respond and remediate threats
  • Use Symantec endpoint protection to get better than “good enough”