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Report Malwarebytes A Modern Approach to Endpoint Remediation

A Modern Approach to Endpoint Remediation

Why it’s time to stop reimaging your endpoints...

Even with a comprehensive multi-layered protection solution in place, no organization can prevent every endpoint attack. According to Incident Response teams, malware is the root cause of 68 percent of the incidents they investigate. So, how long does it take to recover from these attacks? And, what can be done to help prevent more from occurring? Download this whitepaper and find out why it’s time to stop reimaging your endpoints!

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The advantages of automated remediation over reimaging:

  • Delivers automated, accurate, and thorough remediation
  • Bridges operational silos
  • Greatly increases response time efficiency
  • Reduces malware dwell time
  • Closes gap in personnel and skills shortage
  • Lowers cost and complexity of managing incident response
  • Minimizes workstation and employee downtime Restores all employee work