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  • Part 3/3: Cybersecurity KPIs for Business Leaders & Stakeholders
Webinar Rapid7

Part 3/3: Cybersecurity KPIs for Business Leaders & Stakeholders

Cybersecurity Series: Hackers're Gonna Hack

With board directors looking to their leaders to help understand risk and exposure - part three of the Cybersecurity series, hosted by Jason Hart, Chief Technology Officer, Rapid7, summarises the foundational elements needed to keep pace with the changing threat landscape. Whether your organisation is predominantly on-prem and you are leveraging Cloud Services for the first time, fully invested in digital innovation and cloud-native, or somewhere in between, this interactive webinar provides the tools, processes, methodologies and KPIs needed to articulate key cybersecurity goals and objectives while illustrating ROI and keeping stakeholders accountable.

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Globally over $150 Billion was spent on Cybersecurity last year, but companies are still getting hacked. So if spending doubled, would breaches or impacts halve? Unlikely.

How we think about Security needs to change - removing complexity and risk requires a different approach.

Regrettably, cyber-attacks are a regular occurrence. Even the most security-conscious organisations are understandably reviewing their approach to ensure the six key foundations are in place for a robust defence.

Within the webinar series, you will learn:

  • Key considerations for a top-down security strategy that challenges the status quo
  • What matters most in Risk Management
  • The core foundations of the target operating model
  • How to increase cybersecurity posture, reduce risk, and improve ROI without significant investment in budgets or teams
  • Create plans that challenge convention and positively impact the Cybersecurity journey.