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Report Delinea-Insights into Enhanced Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements

Insights into Enhanced Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements

Meeting the demands of cyber risk insurers

Insurance carriers and brokers are doing their best to calculate your cyber risk, so they can offer policies with appropriate terms and costs. As part of the insurance application process, you should expect requests to complete surveys and interviews with cyber experts, asking for evidence that your security controls are in place and working as expected. You can’t wait until you start shopping for an insurance policy or negotiate your renewal to make sure you can answer their questions.

Report Snap Shot

  • Prepare for the questions cyber insurance providers and brokers will likely ask.
  • Demonstrate the necessary security controls to prevent denials in coverage or claims, increased premiums, and delays in coverage.
  • Delinea solutions satisfy each PAM use case and cybersecurity control requirement in insurance questionnaires.