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Report Cybereason

Gartner XDR Market Guide

The endpoint security landscape continues to evolve with buyers pursuing a vendor and agent consolidation strategy and moving away from best-of-breed solutions.

Vendors are leveraging buyer sentiment by expanding portfolios and bundling offerings, while adding new offerings in EDR, XDR and MDR.

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Read: 'The Gartner XDR Market Guide' for Key Findings:

  • Cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) solutions continue to witness an uptick in adoption
  • as they shift the administration burden from product maintenance to more productive risk-reduction
  • activities.
  • End users are pursuing vendor and agent consolidation strategies.
  • Managed solutions are critical to reducing the entry barrier and enticing late-mainstream buyers to
  • adopt EDR.
  • Extended detection and response (XDR) as a concept is gaining traction.