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Report Cohesity

DataProtect delivered as a Service for Microsoft 365

Enter Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a Service. It’s enterprise-grade, cloud-to-cloud backup of SaaS applications. Secure your data, boost visibility and simplify multicloud protection of on-premises and cloud-native data. By consolidating and protecting workloads such as Amazon EC2, RDS and SaaS applications with a single, unified service, Cohesity DataProtect exceeds the built-in protections offered by any cloud provider.

Report Snap Shot

Remote work accelerated cloud and SaaS application adoption, including Microsoft 365 (M365). Yet, built-in data retention features from cloud providers are largely insufficient for enterprise backup. Instead, with a one-size-fitsall policy approach, each SaaS and cloud provider offers backup features for its services but not others’ services.