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Report Kaspersky Building a Safer Future in Healthcare

Building a Safer Future in Healthcare

Key Healthcare Trends and How to Manage Them Securely

The healthcare industry had the highest number of reported data breaches last year. Learn the five biggest trends and the best ways to manage them securely. Why you should care? You’ll get to know key industry trends and how to overcome their associated risks.

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Inside this whitepaper:

  • The healthcare industry is plagued by myriad cybersecurity-related issues ranging from malware that compromises patient privacy to DDoS attacks that disrupt care.
  • Cyberattacks can have ramifications beyond financial loss and breach of privacy. Ransomware, for example, can affect patient data and put lives at risk.
  • Organizations can exploit opportunities presented by a new wave of innovation when they encounter today’s five biggest healthcare security risks, including remote medicine and cloud adoption.
  • Kaspersky’s step-by-step cybersecurity approach is designed to clarify which level of security and which specific solutions suit your organization best.