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Report Rapid7 2021 Industry Cyber-Exposure

2021 Industry Cyber-Exposure (ICER): Fortune 500 Report

As the world's knowledge workers were driven home amid a pandemic, measuring the world's most critical businesses’ internet exposure is more important than ever.

In this round of Industry Cyber-Exposure Reports (ICERs), researchers at Rapid7 evaluate five areas of cybersecurity that are both critical to secure to continue doing business on and across the internet, and are squarely in the power of CISOs, their IT security staffs, and their internal business partners to address.

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These five facets of internet-facing cyber-exposure and risk include:

  1. Authenticated email origination and handling (DMARC)
  2. Encryption standards for public web applications (HTTPS and HSTS)
  3. Version management for web servers and email servers (focusing on IIS, nginx, Apache, and Exchange)
  4. Risky protocols unsuitable for the internet (RDP, SMB, and Telnet)
  5. The proliferation of vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs).