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Report Konica Minolta Building the Business Case for Managed IT Services

Building the Business Case for Managed IT Services

There are many, many IT managed services providers (MSPs) to choose from. Before leaping into an engagement you may later regret, it is imperative to create a comprehensive, watertight business case.

A business case will support evidence-based and transparent decision making. It presents your stakeholders with the risks, opportunities and threats of engaging with an MSP. It provides a framework for the delivery and performance monitoring of that MSP strategy. Moreover, a business case is not only a record of the return on investment from a financial perspective but also a summary of all the benefits delivered. However, you may not have the time or resources to complete that winning case.

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These five steps will help you to streamline that MSP business case production and ensure your organisation is positioned to choose a partner that delivers breakthrough transformation and business growth at lower cost.