Downtime Dollars: Why Minimizing IT Downtime Is Imperative


Sandra Juarez Director of Business Development at InVision Technology Solutions

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

You’ve probably experienced the frustration of losing Internet access or having your computer crash. In terms of our personal technology use, this most often amounts to an irritating delay as we wait for everything to reboot.

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Downtime Dollars: Why Minimizing IT Downtime Is Imperative

When you’re talking about the world of business, there’s a lot more than your patience at stake. If your company experiences any type of IT downtime, the results can be devastating. You could be hit with productivity loss as your employees wait for their systems to be fixed. Your customers might become annoyed with an interruption in service. Your supply chain could grind to a halt without the free flow of information between facilities. Whatever form the impact takes, the bottom line is that profits take a hit.

There are many reasons why you could experience IT downtime. The most common cause is hardware failure, although security breaches and software glitches also bring about outages. They could even be the result of a routine upgrade performed during business hours.

In any event, preventing these incidents could be the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars — potentially millions. Taking precautions such as backing up your data and outsourcing some of your IT services can put you in a better position to avoid such costly problems. Even something as simple as keeping your facilities clean and well-maintained can ensure that servers and other equipment remain in service for as long as possible.

Having your network down for any length of time can be a nightmare for your business. Don’t wait until you experience it to do something about it. The infographic below contains some crucial tips for preventing downtime in your IT networks.

InVision Technology Solutions shares tips for minimizing IT downtime

Sandra Juarez

Sandra Juarez is the Director of Business Development at InVision Technology Solutions, a position she’s held for the last 13 years. InVision Technology Solutions is a managed IT services provider in Phoenix and Scottsdale.


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