How Good IT Leadership Can Improve Profitability


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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Being a good IT leader can benefit a company as a whole, as well as your department. But how can your leadership technique improve overall profitability?

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How Good IT Leadership Can Improve Profitability

While IT leadership is vital to ensuring teams are as productive as possible and any problems are dealt with swiftly, at its core, it is all about profitability. Good leadership helps a business to reach its goals, stick to budgets and deliver ROI.

Good IT leaders encourage employees and give them the skills to improve performance, which in turn increases the competitiveness of a company. As SMRA suggests, leaders with strong management skills and the ability to make strategic decisions can deliver the best results.

However, leadership can also have a detrimental impact on profits if they are not taken into account. This is why it is important to understand exactly how your leadership style can lead to improved profitability.

Ensure teams feel appreciated

One of the biggest drivers of profitability is the teams within a company. If those people within a team feel happy, appreciated and respected, this will show in their work. As RecruitLoop points out, engaged employees create higher profits through better productivity.

Taking steps to ensure your IT team is as productive and happy as possible can improve company ROI in the long-run. Beyond praising good work, this means having regular contact with your team, listening to their ideas and giving everyone a forum in which to air any grievances.

Departmental awards, events and bonuses can also be good productivity drivers, which will be reflected in company profits

Invest in training

Improving a team's skills and abilities will not only serve to benefit them, it will also help increase a company's profitability. As Cornerstone reports, business leaders highlight staff learning as important, while a lack of training is often a reason for staff discontent.

Looking at training opportunities for a team ensures it is up to date with the latest IT advances, can work more productively and better deal with issues that arise without needing to involve team leaders straight away. Training also means that staff are working on their own development, which can help educate future company leaders.

Reduce processes

Not only can building up staff help with profits, looking at internal process can too. Working to make things as simple and straightforward for your department as possible can ensure time is better distributed, with less being wasted on complex and unnecessary tasks.

Cutting down on the amount of time dedicated to admin, meetings and internal communication can allow a better focus on tasks, ensuring improved departmental profitability. In some cases, this can mean introducing new processes or apps that may slow things down to start with but offer benefits in the long-run. To get an idea of what could help your department, it is important to talk to staff.

Keep ahead of trends

Of course, one of the biggest ways IT leaders can help improve profitability is to keep ahead of trends in the industry. This will ensure the company is prepared for the latest technology and tools that it could use, as well as help it keep an eye on competitors.

Being informed about updates to operating systems that could affect the company and customers, changes to Google algorithms and new technologies can put the business ahead of the game. Communicating this knowledge to the right departments is key to ensuring it makes a difference. 

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