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Unified Communications & Collaboration

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Looking for a product to deliver easy, reliable yet powerful virtual meetings? How about an affordable yet feature-rich VoIP phone solution to connect your growing business? Or maybe a single, unified solution together with state-of-the-art room systems?

The GoTo Collaboration Cloud - featuring solutions for online meetings, voice, rooms, webinars and training - brings together the easiest, fastest, and most innovative unified communications and collaboration products.

The Anywhere Worker Guidebook


Flexible work is undoubtedly essential to business continuity in the future. But it’s also a cross-functional effort.

Meetings Modernized

Meetings Modernized

Meetings are central to business. They have rooted themselves in our daily work routines and sometimes they take on a life of their own – we all have those stories! Truly great meetings occur with technology that is ultra-fast, unfathomably easy and insanely reliable. Unfortunately, meetings in the “truly great” category tend to make up the minority of our experiences. But that’s what we’re here for.

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The technologies that power your business today are changing at a rate that’s hard to keep up with.

Achieving a better work-life balance

The lines between our personal and professional lives are blurring--and it’s a good thing!


Is Your Business Growth Stuck on Hold?

If your current campaigns aren't generating the kind of growth you want, the culprit may be an outdated phone system that is stunting your business growth.


When you have a UCC solution that empowers a global workforce, it won’t matter where people are getting their work done.

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Remote employees reduce company overhead spending by as much as $2,000 per employee.

IT Buyer's Guide to Great UCC LEARN MORE