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Are You Paying Too Much for Cloud?


Disciplined cloud cost management helps enterprises unlock the benefits of cloud – and get greater value from cloud commercial models.

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IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS: Which model is better?

It's almost impossible to operate these days without cloud-based solutions.

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(ISC)2 20 Tips for Secure Cloud Migration

20 Tips for Secure Cloud Migration

More organizations like yours are relying on cloud platforms to reap the benefits of scalability, flexibility, availability and reduced costs. However, cloud environments come with security challenges and vulnerabilities. In fact, the Thales 2020 Data Threat Report indicates 49% of global respondents experienced a breach affecting data in the cloud. As you begin the process of migrating your company’s operations to the cloud, security must be at the top of your considerations.

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  • Assess your current infrastructure and readiness
  • Consider the security risks
  • Prepare and maintain compliance
  • Get your team ready
  • And more!
VMWare Powering Digital Transformation with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Powering Digital Transformation with a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

It’s not news that companies in every industry are fundamentally transforming the way they do business. To scale their capabilities and modernise their applications more quickly, organisations have turned to public and private cloud technology. But how can today’s multi-cloud organisations take charge of these complex environments and minimise risk? A hybrid cloud strategy can provide a path forward.

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Forrester found that 82% of business are using between two and nine different  public clouds.

A study conducted by IFP found that 64% of organizations operate a hybrid cloud model.

The State of Cloud Security in 2021


"Wasted cloud spend is estimated to be as much as 45%"