4 Ways to Increase Your Employee Retention Rate


Kayla MatthewsOwner of Productivity Bytes

Friday, February 8, 2019

It can be costly to continually hire new employees and so retaining the employees you already have provides a lot more value to the business. Here are four strategies you can try.

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4 Ways to Increase Your Employee Retention Rate

After you hire exceptional employees for your business, they need a reason to stick around. Depending on your field, you could have a high turnover rate, which can have several negative impacts when you're repeatedly hiring workers.

Training new workers and losing the experience of your old ones can significantly cost your company. When you have to induct new employees into your workplace, your entity's overall productivity suffers. Since the new worker has to learn how the processes flow and what you expect of them, it can be a few months before your business functions at full capacity again.

The solution to this issue is to retain current employees. Employee retention means getting your workers, especially those who are motivated and helpful, to stay at your business.

With the right leadership and strategies, your company can establish a workplace that will encourage workers to stay with your business.

1. Give employees responsibility and opportunity

If you create a workplace where no change or growth is possible, your employees can feel stuck and unmotivated. With no way to advance in their careers, they may want to move on to a company that can foster their growth.

Provide your workers with opportunities to hone their skills and develop their abilities. You can demonstrate your trust in them by giving them new challenges and a chance to take on bigger projects. As frequently as possible, promote from within your business and extend educational resources to them.

2. Show signs of respect and recognition

From financial incentives to verbal affirmation, your employees need to know you appreciate their efforts. Involve managers and leaders in this attempt to acknowledge their achievements. Immediate supervisors have consistent influence on workers, so enlist them in identifying noteworthy performances.

Demonstrating respect can be difficult because this practice goes beyond praise. A thank you note or intentional handshake from a superior, for instance, can indicate your gratitude more than verbal feedback.

3. Offer perks and rewards

Company perks can create a supportive environment and a pleasant office atmosphere for workers. Complimentary snacks or coffee are small gestures that lift employees spirits and help them stay positive throughout the work week.

Financial benefits are also worthwhile ways to support your workers. Whether you hand out bonuses or host a small competition, you can spark your employees' loyalty this way. Another courtesy to your workers would be to offer compensation for certain illnesses or injuries, which can also protect them from becoming discouraged about losing work from an accident or medical problem.

4. Allow ample time off

Giving your employees time to step back from their work can help them return more energized and willing to operate at full capacity for your company. When workers feel trapped by long hours and little time off, they're more likely to search for a new job. Generate an adaptable and responsive workplace to accommodate your employee's needs.

Provide generous and flexible vacation days for your employees so that they have a sense of ownership in their position. You can also open up the chance to work from home on certain days to increase their comfort and productivity.

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