How Can Businesses Improve Talent Retention?


Jack EvansBusiness Psychologist at Robertson Cooper

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

That may seem like a big question, and in truth, it’s one that’s not easily answered. However, business psychologists and wellbeing specialists, Robertson Cooper, have compiled research that tracked 4000 employees over 6 months, in an attempt to understand whether wellbeing has an impact on staff retention.

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How Can Businesses Improve Talent Retention?

Particularly, Robertson Cooper looked into whether it’s possible to use wellbeing data to predict which employees are most likely to leave, offering businesses the chance to act on this information, in addition to saving the costs associated with staff turnover.

The infographic below highlights how, by measuring wellbeing and implementing a strategy with the aim of reducing turnover, the average large business can save a staggering £1,694,914 (circa $2.1m).

Robertson Cooper discovers how wellbeing measurement can save businesses time and money and help them to retain talent

Jack Evans

Business Psychologist at Robertson Cooper

Jack Evans is a Business Psychologist who has been with Robertson Cooper since 2012. He supports large blue-chip organizations in the engineering, manufacturing, healthcare and education sectors in creating more good days at work. Most recently, Jack was a key member of the team in translating and launching our core measurement tool and individual feedback report in 10 languages.


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