5 Important Things to Check Before Hiring a New Employee


Ashley LipmanContent Marketing Specialist

Friday, August 26, 2022

When hiring new employees, ensure they’re the right fit for your company. Do they meet the qualifications and possess the soft skills that make your work relationship meaningful?

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5 Important Things to Check Before Hiring a New Employee

During the recruitment process, you need to know what you’re looking for, what your company's demands are, as well as stakeholder and candidate expectations. To avoid confusion further down the line, or losing a candidate just as you’re about to make an offer, take the time to define the role and establish hiring protocols. Here are five useful tips on the critical things to check before onboarding new employees.

1. Check for criminal records

Learn which criminal checks you can conduct and how. Criminal checks enable you to learn about a candidate’s history and how they would perform in different roles. You’ll find it easier to trust new employees if you have a clearer idea of who they are.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t employ someone just because they have a record but get to understand the details. When carrying out a criminal check, make sure to go through the sex offender registry for roles that involve working with the elderly, children, and the sick.

2. Contact their references

Call or write to previous employers or references to verify what they’re saying is true. Did they work at the mentioned organizations and hold the titles and responsibilities they say they did? Were they terminated, or did they leave for greener pastures?

Talking to references gives you a better understanding of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses when making a hiring decision. If they don’t stick with one company for long, think twice as a high turnover rate is expensive and affects productivity.

3. Give them a personality test

Ask the candidate questions about themselves:

  • What kind of person are they?
  • How do they handle stressful situations?
  • Are they honest?
  • Do they get along with others?

As you probably know, collaboration and the ability to deliver effectively under stressful conditions are essential strengths. They come in handy when holding busy positions such as sales. Besides, employees must be patient with clients and go out of their way to protect the company’s image.

Also, teamwork boosts productivity and creates a sense of belonging. Everyone feels important and works together to achieve similar goals. Does the candidate understand the importance of collaboration?

4. What are the current industry pay rates?

Ensure you’re offering candidates competitive rates that make your company more attractive to work in. This includes a handsome pay package, benefits, growth opportunities, and a friendly work environment.

Some candidates may agree to work at your company but still look for better rates elsewhere. If you’re currently dealing with a high employee turnover, figure out what the issue is first.

Find out what your competitors do differently and the type of candidates they attract. If you promise growth opportunities, follow up by offering learning opportunities. For instance, you can partially pay for courses employees are interested in, sponsor training workshops, and create time for them to learn and expand their careers.

5. Are you compliant with the correct regulations?

The government sets specific regulations that govern employment terms. For instance, there are mandatory benefits you must offer and particular requirements to meet, such as the minimum you can pay workers. You must also provide a safe and conducive work environment and employ eligible workers.

Failure to check you’re meeting all the requirements leads to hefty fines that will affect the company's operations. Take time to understand what the requirements are for your industry and region and, if possible, hire an expert who understands your industry's legal needs to help you meet them.

Final thoughts

Knowing and taking the time to check you have suitable candidates goes a long way in making the hiring process successful. You’ll cut costs as you don’t have to replace employees as often. Clients will also appreciate it because they always have familiar and trustworthy employees to handle their requests. The result is a thriving business and more efficient operations.

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Content Marketing Specialist

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