Remote Work in the USA: Do Workers Love it or Hate it?

Friday, October 28, 2022

Homeworking is a big part of the new normal for US workers. In fact, it's a HUGE part. Around 58% of US employees now work from home for at least one day a week. And 25% never step foot in an office anymore.

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Remote Work in the USA: Do Workers Love it or Hate it?

This new trend won't start reversing anytime soon. Instead, remote work is on course to become even more popular. Employment and tech experts predict that less the 1 in 4 US companies will have a 100% on-site working model by 2025.

So how is this new style of work working out for people?

That's exactly what decided to find out.

It gathered a tonne of remote-working geotagged tweeting data from around the USA. Then it ran all that data through an AI sentiment software to see which parts of the USA have fully embraced remote work, and which states and cities are less than keen.

The results show that Delaware is the most pro-remote working US state. Nearly half (46%) of related tweets coming out of Delaware said great things about home working.

And almost half of the residents of El Paso, Texas, love working from home. 45.4% (more than any other US city) of their home-working tweets were positive.

See how the rest of the US feels about working from home in the maps below.

Chart visual showing the US states that most enjoy WFHChart visual showing the US cities that most enjoy WFHOverall chart from showing the US cities which love and hate WFH

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