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Report Employment Hero Annualised Salary Award Checklist

Annualised Salary Award Checklist

Your Comprehensive Checklist for the Australian Fair Work Act

The Fair Work Commission has introduced the most onerous and widespread change to Australian employment law since the Fair Work Act was introduced. With changes to the annualised salary provisions, you need to start tracking full-time employee hours, even if they’re salaried. These changes mean employers can be penalised under the Fair Work Act, even if their employees are salaried. Long story short, if you have a staff member who falls under one of these 22 awards changing from 1 March 2020, you need to be tracking their hours.

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  • How to identify which staff are affected
  • What your obligations are as an employer and how to execute them
  • Options available to you for time tracking and reconciliations
  • Plus advice on how to navigate this change in your business