3 Ways You Can Improve Job Satisfaction in Your Company


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Monday, October 30, 2017

Job satisfaction is an important part of employee retention and getting the most from your staff but how can you boost it without sacrificing productivity?

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3 Ways You Can Improve Job Satisfaction in Your Co

When working with tight budgets, what can you do to boost job satisfaction at your company? These 3 simple but effective tips will help ensure your employees feel fulfilled and appreciated within their role.

Engage your employees

Having people turn up to work and do a day's graft before going home isn't all you want from your employees. Getting staff that are engaged with your company is much more preferable and to achieve this you need to communicate with them. This doesn't mean just speaking to them but creating an atmosphere where their insights are valued and they feel free to talk about things they are concerned about.

This will not only boost their job satisfaction because they feel more understood but will also help you identify areas where improvements could be made. Many professionals benefit from a higher level of autonomy as it shows that you have a certain amount of trust in them, while also encouraging initiative and self-discipline.

Line managers can be a fantastic resource to encourage these communication channels and identify areas where staff seem unsatisfied or want to develop. However, it's important for everyone - from the top down - to be supportive of employee engagement and embody this in their working day.

Provide a positive work environment

Employees spend a lot of time at work so do everything you can to make this a positive atmosphere to be in. However, it's key that you don't just assume what good working conditions are and instead actually ask the people working for you.

Everything from childcare support to social events can help people feel happier about being in the office but it should be designed around the needs and wants of your employees. Otherwise you risk spending money on something that isn't really valued by your staff, wasting money and potentially causing discontent among your workforce.

It's also important to consider matters such as dress code and office layout as well as benefit schemes. These can make a huge difference on how comfortable people feel during their time in the office.

Evaluate, analyze and improve

Like any other business goal, you should make sure measurement plans are in place to see what progress you are making. There's a number of ways you can track employee satisfaction and a variety of online resources to help you. However, a simple anonymous survey can be just as effective, especially for small companies where evaluating the responses won't be too laborious.

This should allow you to identify areas that have had the biggest impact and where you may need to make further improvements.

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