5 Future Skills Every HR Department Should Have to Prepare for 2022


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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The introduction of technology and the evolution of the modern workforce have brought unprecedented changes to HR departments.

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5 Future Skills Every HR Department Should Have to Prepare for 2022
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The traditional method of looking for appropriate candidates, sending them the job offer and onboarding them as a new employee is long gone. Today, HR has numerous responsibilities as organizations grow and adapt to changes in the business environment. To thrive, HR teams must refocus to manage the skills gap, talent development and recruitment investing.

5 future skills for HR teams

Amid worldwide by digital transformation, several new trends have emerged in human resources, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, people analytics, VR training, employee experience, remote work, power skills and upskilling.

Whether you’re looking to become a successful HR professional or are seeking way to help your HR department prosper in 2022, here are five skills you need to master:

1. People analytics

People analytics, also known as HR analytics, is one of the high priority skills for most organizations. It involves analyzing and reporting HR data to measure the impact of HR metrics on business performance. Thus, people analytics is a data-driven approach to human resource management.

People analytics is an essential skill for HR professionals that will help them carefully identify, train and retain exceptional talent. In addition, it gives you the power to execute actionable insights that, in turn, will fuel business growth. Rather than relying on intuition and gut feeling, you can make informed decisions using data.

2. Soft skills

Soft skills are the key elements of an HR professional because communication, persuasion, coaching, advising, confidence, adaptability and organizational skills are invaluable in today’s working environment.

You can build these skills through various methods. For instance, communication can be improved by reading books, taking part in public speaking, negotiation and persuasion classes and learning conflict management. In addition, you can utilize various tools to aid organization and time management.

3. Recruitment marketing

One of the foundational skills an HR professional must have is efficient recruitment. The current business environment growth has raised the need to incorporate effective marketing techniques into the recruitment process to gather the top talent from the application pool.

Recruitment marketing is an HR skill that combines strategies and tools to employ and nurture notable talent. You can promote the organizational philosophies, brand values, and appealing packages to attract potential candidates through this method.

To retain the top tier talent, HR professionals utilize social media platforms, omnichannel communication, data drives, automation and targeted messaging for recruitment marketing. The messages will include a combination of employer marketing, inbound recruiting, and target candidate talent acquisition.

4. Familiarity with advanced HR technologies

Another essential skill to procure for 2022 is the technical know-how of HR technologies. Keeping up with the trends of artificial intelligence and VR training will help you retain an edge in the market over your competitors.

Many human resource management activities such as recruitment, training and development, employee onboarding and more are supported with advanced technologies. However, to keep up with the innovation process, you must acquire the necessary knowledge to effectively familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and the responsibilities that come with them.

5. Workforce planning and conflict management

Keeping up with the future needs, as said earlier, is one of the crucial skills of HR professionals. With the knowledge to anticipate future needs, you will be able to solve staffing problems that may arise. Workforce planning is a skill that will help you analyze, forecast and ensure you have the appropriate workforce supply.

By assessing the skill gap and understanding the talent required, you can choose the right people with the right skills.

Final thoughts

As an HR professional or the leader of a HR department, you must be up to date with the current trends and changes in the business environment. Hence, obtaining these five critical skills to prepare for 2022 will help you better function, manage and monitor organizational growth and employee talent acquisition. Organizations can provide adequate training and skill-building opportunities to HR professionals. In that way, they can upgrade their competence and help other employees in upskilling.

Neena Raj

Neena is a seasoned professional with more than 18 years of experience from reputed organizations like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Amway and Commercial Bank. Her experience encompasses project management, strategic planning, resource utilization, revenue growth, cost reduction & optimization. She has diversified & led operations both in India & Middle East Markets. Neena’s greatest strength is building a project from the primary level to guiding it to attain new performance levels. She creates unique solutions to yield profitable outcomes in a project. She is also competent and efficient in maintaining exclusive relationships in a key market segment, expanding the company's share in that market. She work  closely with entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs across the globe to find practical ways of enhancing entrepreneurship. She is now working at Edoxi Training Institute.


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