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Report Flip Avoiding IC Obstacles

Avoiding IC Obstacles

The 5 Typical Change Management Mistakes Internal Comms Make

Rapid-fire tech evolutions, global crises, and new ways of working are forcing companies to be more agile than ever before. In a quickly-evolving world, the difference between winners and losers is the ability to adapt. This means that businesses can’t just ‘manage’ change, they must actively embrace it in order to succeed. This is just as true for small businesses and midmarket firms as it is for global enterprise players. Download and read this whitepaper to discover what the 5 typical change management mistakes Internal Comms makes – and how to prevent them.

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Change communication:

  • 51% of respondents in a PR survey believe that change communication fails because employees are not involved enough.
  • Only 34% of all change initiatives are successful.
  • 95% of managers are not fully aware of their responsibility to actively involve employees in changes.