12 Desk Stretches for Working Professionals


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Friday, March 26, 2021

Technology brings many benefits and conveniences to the working world, but with one major drawback: Most of us sit at a desk for upwards of eight hours a day, five days a week. This type of limited mobility can increase your chances of getting workplace injuries such as tendonitis and tennis elbow.

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12 Desk Stretches for Working Professionals

Research shows that repetitive motion, poor posture, and staying in the same position (as we do at our desks) can cause injuries or disorders of the muscles. While many working professionals have had to make the switch to remote life due to the pandemic, that doesn’t mean your body should suffer as a consequence. Stretching at your desk can help keep your muscles from feeling sore and tight as it increases blood flow and prevents fatigue and discomfort.

Desk stretches can easily be incorporated into your schedule as many can be done without leaving your workspace. They also can help reduce stress and increase energy helping you get through your work faster and more efficiently. To introduce you to desk stretching, the folks at Tommy John gathered 12 stretches geared at alleviating posture pain from long hours of sitting at your desk and staring at a monitor.

Explore their visual below to get deskersizing!

Tommy John shares how remote workers can maintain their health through 12 desk stretches

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