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Ebook sas Barclays and model risk management

Why Analytical Models Are the Backbone of Banking

Barclays and model risk management – How to close the gap?

Sophisticated analytical models are the backbone of banking across every line of Barclays business from risk management to pricing. But if teams aren’t managing their models properly, they could be exposing the bank to major risks. Effective model risk management isn’t easy, though. Especially if teams are still using manual processes or cobbling together disparate tools to manage an ever-expanding array of model inventories. Download this eBook to learn more. Download this eBook to learn more.

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How to have strongmodel risk management and prevent: 

  • Excessive lead times to get models into production.
  • Lack of insight into model drift, defects, or misuse.
  • High operational costs, duplication of effort, and human error.