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Report Cloudpay  Global Payroll Efficiency Index 2023

Benchmarking the Technology Industry’s Payroll

Finance Leaders’ Global Payroll Efficiency Index 2023 - Technology Industry Edition

Standard SLAs like accuracy and timeliness don’t give a sufficient level of insight into how efficient a payroll operation is. As a result, many organizations and finance leaders find themselves frustrated with issues in payroll, even though their standard SLAs tell them that everything is fine. In this special edition of the PEI report, we focus on benchmarking the Tech Industry’s payroll processing performance against detailed and insightful global KPIs from over 130 countries - enabling finance teams to gain a better understanding of how and where their payroll processes can be improved.

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The results from this report demonstrate that reducing reliance on manual processes is the key to driving improvements in performance, including:

  • Paying employees on time, without errors and in full compliance with all relevant regulations
  • Managing cash flow and tracking salary payments
  • Engaging and motivating workforces