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Report Trintech - Simplifying The Retail and E-Commerce Financial Close Process

Simplifying The Retail and E-Commerce Financial Close Process

The Adra Suite automates and streamlines financial processes while improving accuracy and reducing risk

Before the pandemic, one-to-one matches, two-to-one matches, and even three-to-one matches were all passable, although extremely inefficient, with spreadsheets. Many hours were being logged in this manual type process. Performing a traditional account reconciliation process with all these new elements of 3rd party delivery services and meal delivery results in a high potential for lost revenue, fraud, and write-offs. Utilising an automated solution to solve multi-way matching rules further enables accountants to simplify their close processes.

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  • The First Step to Streamlining Your Financial Close
  • A Modern Approach to Reconciliation
  • Close Faster with Confidence 
  • Simplifying Your Financial Close Process