From Documents to Digital Data: How to Automate Your Financial Office


Peter BravermanVice President of Sales for Donnelly Financial Solutions

Friday, March 25, 2022

Time is money, and the more your business can save of each the more successful you’ll be. However, there could be something lurking within the financial side of your enterprise that is costing you more of these resources than you might know.

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From Documents to Digital Data: How to Automate Your Financial Office

If you’re still using ink and paper to process forms and documents the old-fashioned way, you’re giving yourself a severe handicap. That’s because traditional paperwork eats a significant amount of time, in addition to your office supplies. On the other hand, choosing to automate these processes helps cut costs, streamline procedures and ultimately make you a leaner organization.

There are numerous avenues you can take to bring automation into your operations. For example, cloud-based workflow and data management tools keep your team connected at all times — enabling everyone to update the same document across every workstation in an instant.

This virtually eliminates delays that come from requesting documents even with email. Other applications such as expense modules and programmed recurring invoicing take the burden of manual data entry off your team’s shoulders and practically eliminates the risk of human errors that can cause more troubles.

There’s simply no reason not to take advantage of everything automation has to offer. To learn more about how to automate your financial offices and why it matters, take a look at the below infographic.

DFIN solutions infographic on ways to automate your Finance processes

Peter Braverman

Vice President of Sales for Donnelly Financial Solutions

Peter is Vice President of Sales for Donnelley Financial Solutions™, a financial software solutions company. He has 16 years of experience in the industry and focuses on selling SaaS solutions in the Capital Markets industry.


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