Report MarkLogic Gaining Transparency with Changing Regulations

Gaining Transparency with Changing Regulations

In the current era of global and interdependent financial systems, compliance is an extensive undertaking on the ‘must do’ list for financial services firms.

Firms looking to satisfy complex requirements in today’s changing regulatory landscape are moving beyond traditional database technology, to provide the agility and transparency they need, in real-time. But what starts as a compliance exercise, can also fuel innovation. An agile database platform can provide a single source of truth to meet compliance requirements, with increased transparency, reduced risk and cost, improved data security and real-time reporting, while also adapting to your business needs, as they evolve.

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"Only MarkLogic provides a unique multi-model operational and transactional database that can help you build a dynamic GRC strategy. We empower organizations to help expedite regulatory compliance, provide a 360-degree view of enterprise risk, and enable better data governance, all at less cost."

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