7 Subject Lines That Get Proven Results


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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Emails can be just another thing to wade through at work, so how do you make sure yours stand out? In sales, it's crucial that you're engaging and not just being deleted.

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7 Subject Lines That Get Proven Results

Emails can be a headache. Whether it's sifting through them after your annual leave or being bombarded with them throughout the working day, emails can be more hassle than they're worth. Despite this, and there being quicker and easier ways to communicate, they are still a preferred method of contact in many companies.

For sales, they're an important part of the buying cycle. They allow you to summarize meetings or pitches in a concise manner or interact with clients in a matter of seconds. But no matter how interesting the content is, if people are deleting you as soon as you arrive in their inbox, it's a waste of time.

So how do you make sure your emails get noticed and, more importantly, read? The words you use are extremely important. Here are 7 subject lines that are proven to get results in sales:

'I hope everything is going well'

Research has shown that sales tactics that focus on building genuine relationships with clients work much more effectively than service or product-focused ones. This reflects the changing buyer process. Many people - especially decision makers - are tired of constantly being sold stuff, so a more personal subject line can be a refreshing break.

'Just a quick question'

We're all guilty of letting curiosity get the better of us but you can use this human trait to your advantage. Putting this in your subject line will encourage recipients to open your email, which you can then design to get a response from them.

'How was Greece?'

Remembering a small bit of information that the client told you during a meeting can be a great way to engage your recipient. Working in the same way as enquiring about their wellbeing, it builds a relationship. It's also a good idea to do this after a break in contact, such as when they've been on holiday, to maintain close ties with your client.

'Question about [a goal of theirs]'

Again, this piques their interest and encourages them to open your email and read it, but is also more directly linked to their business. You are linking two of the most persuasive ways to get clients to open emails; showing you know something about them [their goals] and tapping into their curiosity.

'Did you know X happened?'

If you work in a fast-moving industry, such as marketing, then putting a relevant figure or statistic in your email headline could get them interested. It not only helps you communicate with them but it also positions you as an authority in the sector.

'I found you through [referral name]'

Mentioning a referral in the subject line is one of the most well-known sales techniques to get interaction from a recipient. Not only does it show a reason for your email but also works as an endorsement from your mutual contact.

'A 3-step plan for your busy week'

Use the pain points of your clients as the main focus of the email and offer simple but effective advice on how to overcome these challenges. This is an effective way of getting people to at least open your email.

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