How Problem Solving Can Motivate Your Team


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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Problem solving can be a fantastic attribute to have in your team and something that can motivate them to do better.

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How Problem Solving Can Motivate Your Team

Motivating your team is one of the biggest challenges that face managers in the modern workplace. There are many ways to encourage people to be more successful, and what approach will be most effective depends on the type of professionals you have on your team.

Problem solving can be a brilliant way to motivate your team and achieve wider business goals. Here are some of the key ways that these kind of activities can help make your team more successful together:

Bringing your team together

If the people you work with are able to get on well, they are likely to be more motivated to reach the shared goals, which will encourage them to do the best job possible. Problem solving activities are a fantastic way to bring your team closer together and develop professional relationships.

Having a team that is able to empathize with the rest of the group and understand what is needed from each member, helps everyone work more effectively together and become motivated as they don't want to be the weak link in the chain.

Understanding how to navigate problems

It may seem obvious, but doing problem solving activities with your team is an effective way of making them better at thinking of solutions for issues that may arise. With this, professionals develop more confidence and autonomy when it comes to working within a team.

This means that you'll have a group of professionals that feel capable of coming up with new methods that avoid previously experienced problems. This doesn't just make them more efficient but it also ensures they have the confidence to work independently, which is likely to make them more motivated.

Questioning everything

Problem solving teaches you to question everything about a particular process so you can arrive at a way to navigate around the issue. This can also be a useful tool in motivating a team. Having professionals that feel capable and comfortable with questioning each other is likely to get you the best results, while it will also make them more motivated to make a difference. This is because it creates an environment where anyone at any level can raise a problem or challenge another person, which is deeply empowering for team members.

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