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CFO vs CMO: How Much Should Marketing Spend?

Chief financial officers and chief marketing officers who are able to work constructively together and focus on shared goals can make a huge contribution to the overall success of a business.

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Gain Peace of Mind

With Automated Spend Management Solutions

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KPMG Want to put robotic process automation to work in your business?

Accelerating Automation

To realise the benefits of automation faster, many organisations want to understand how to accelerate the automation journey.

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Download this guide to:

  • Understand the different types of automation
  • Rethink myths around automation that could be holding you back
  • Plan the first 100 days of your RPA journey
  • Understand how to manage change as you integrate 'bots' into your workforce
  • Get key insights from more than 50 automation projects worldwide
Webexpenses How to Create an Effective Expenses Policy

How to Create an Effective Expenses Policy

With cloud-based management tools allowing us to efficiently monitor and maintain an expenses policy, there’s no longer any excuse for a failure to take control of employee costs. This guide provides an overview of how to protect your organisation - how to create, manage and maintain a robust expenses policy.

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"Maintaining an expenses policy should be thought of as an organic process. It needs to evolve and adapt along with the company"

"If you lose track of how much you owe to others you can’t be sure of your financial position."



73% of finance leaders feel their role is more reactive than strategic.