The Cyber Security Skills Gap: How to Solve It [Infographic]

The Cyber Security Skills Gap: How to Solve It [Infographic]

With cyber criminals posing more of a threat than ever before, where's the skill and talent to fight back?

It's true, there is yet another skills gap.

This time, it's not nursing and engineering that is finding itself with a huge demand, and low supply, of educated workers. It's the Cyber Security industry, and there is a real-world skills gap that continues to increase.

This infogrpahic, by Maryville University Online discusses:

  • Cyber crime
  • What can be done
  • The benefits of a cyber security career

The image is full of great information that will help uncover the best ways to address solving the skills gap issue in Cyber Security. To learn more, read the original post.

Author: Maryville University aims to bridge the learning gap, make education more accessible, and set a new standard for excellence in student-centered, future-focused learning.

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