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Hi, we’re Kagool. We live and breathe digital. To be more exact, we live and breathe ‘Sitecore Digital’. We’re a Sitecore Platinum Partner that builds award winning Sitecore Websites. We’re the most experienced Sitecore agency in the UK. We’ve carried out over 200 Sitecore projects and support 30+ active Sitecore customers.

Our Sitecore Experience Architects will help you with your digital strategy, getting the most from your digital project, from UX through to Sitecore SEO. We’re well suited to mid-tier and enterprise Sitecore projects. For our customers this might mean connecting the Sitecore CMS up with business systems, CRM, ERP etc.

These Sitecore integration projects can be complicated. Our Sitecore specialists will choose the right architectural approach, and also help you get to grips with the advanced Sitecore digital marketing tools.

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