Hamilton CapTel

Hamilton CapTel

Since 2003, Hamilton® CapTel® has made more than 300 million captioned telephone conversations possible for individuals with hearing loss. This is the kind of dedication and proven captioned telephone technology you can count on every day.

Hamilton CapTel is provided by Hamilton Relay, a pioneer of telecommunications relay services (TRS). Since 1991, Hamilton Relay has been dedicated to serving individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking.

Hamilton Relay is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications, a diversified communications and technology service provider based in Aurora, Nebraska. Established in 1901 as a small regional telephone company, Hamilton Telecommunications has grown to not only provide local telephone service and relay services, but also provides Internet service, local telephone service, data center services, information systems, business-class Ethernet and digital IPTV for its customers.

For more than a century, Hamilton’s culture and values have been shaped by our employees, customers and shareholders as a driving force to our success. We value the spirit of hard work, responsibility, innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion that enables our growth and guides us as we pursue our mission.

Direct from the heart of the Midwest, Hamilton continues a proud tradition of quality, reliability, innovation and unmatched customer care.

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