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Employee advocacy software refers to a specialized tool or platform that enables organizations to leverage the power of their employees' social networks to amplify brand messaging and enhance online visibility. It provides employees with a user-friendly interface to share company content, such as blog posts, videos, or social media updates, across their personal social media profiles. By encouraging and empowering employees to become brand ambassadors, organizations can expand their reach and engage with a wider audience. For example, a company that develops employee advocacy software might offer features like content scheduling, analytics, and gamification to incentivize employees to participate and drive measurable results. In summary, employee advocacy software facilitates the seamless integration of employees' individual social media presence with the organization's marketing efforts.

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<p class="break-words white-space-pre-wrap mb5 t-14 t-black--light t-normal">Recognized as a leader in social media management by Forrester&mdash;one of the world&rsquo;s most influential research and advisory firms&mdash;Hootsuite is trusted by more than 18 million customers and employees at more than 80% of the Fortune 1000. Our unparalleled expertise, customer insights at scale, and collaborative ecosystem help people and organizations succeed with social.</p>

Haiilo is a leading employee advocacy platform and communications software. It offers innovative features that enable companies to leverage their employees as brand advocates and tap into the power of social media. Haiilo helps businesses reach their employees with targeted communications, facilitating the sharing of company content across various social platforms. With an intuitive user interface and a focus on sharing the company spirit and knowledge, Haiilo allows organizations to harness the potential of their workforce in promoting their brand. This platform is utilized by businesses looking to engage their employees, enhance internal communications, and amplify their brand presence through employee advocacy.




<p>Firstup is the world&rsquo;s first intelligent communication platform. More than 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies use our platform to connect with their people, design and deliver personalized communications, and gain engagement insights throughout the employee journey. That&rsquo;s how they give their employees better experiences from hire to retire. Learn more at&nbsp;<a data-mce-href="firstup.io" href="https://admin-tess.inboxinsight.com/Customers/Response/EditEmail/firstup.io">firstup.io</a></p>



Influitive is a customer engagement and advocacy software company that specializes in empowering organizations through the strategic mobilization of customer, employee, and partner advocates. Their innovative Saas products and professional services enable companies to discover, nurture, and mobilize advocates to boost brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and generate significant ROI. Influitive's platform leverages gamification techniques and rewards to incentivize and engage advocates in promoting the company's products and services. With over a decade of research and development, their customer advocacy software has proven to be a powerful tool for B2B companies seeking to increase their market reach and build stronger relationships with their customer base.



Blueboard is an innovative company that specializes in employee recognition and rewards. They offer an experiential employee rewards software platform that allows companies to reward their top performers with memorable experiences. Blueboard's All-In-One Employee influencer platform empowers employees to become influencers, content creators, and social sellers. They believe that employee recognition is most successful when it's memorable and personal, motivating employees to go above and beyond their usual efforts. Blueboard's services are utilized by companies across various industries that aim to cultivate a culture of appreciation, enhance employee engagement, and strengthen their employer brand.



Oktopost is a leading company that offers a comprehensive social media employee advocacy platform. Their platform seamlessly integrates with social media management tools, providing shared workflows and campaigns for businesses. With Oktopost, companies can leverage employee advocacy by encouraging their employees to promote company-related content on their personal social media profiles. This boosts brand visibility and extends the company's reach beyond corporate channels. Oktopost streamlines social media management and employee advocacy activities through a single platform, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and engage with their target audience.



Howspace is an AI-powered platform developed by the company of the same name. It offers a range of collaborative and interactive features to facilitate strategic planning, transformation, organizational development, change management, training, engagement, learning programs, and workshops. Howspace aims to enhance employee engagement by providing a dynamic and inclusive environment for collaboration, communication, and collaborative learning. The platform caters to various industries and organizations that seek to foster a community-centric culture and effectively manage the work environment. By leveraging Howspace, businesses can benefit from improved teamwork, knowledge sharing, and streamlined workflows.



CleverConnect is a leading software company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for talent acquisition and employee advocacy. Their comprehensive platform offers a range of features designed to empower employees and enhance their role as brand ambassadors. With CleverConnect, employees can easily become influencers, content creators, and social sellers, promoting their company and attracting top talent. The software offers state-of-the-art gamification functionality, motivating employees to actively participate in the recruitment process. CleverConnect's solutions are trusted by more than 2,500 companies and 9 million candidates worldwide, making it a popular choice for organizations seeking to improve their candidate experience and maximize recruitment outcomes.



Sociabble is an employee advocacy platform that enables companies to harness the power of employee advocacy to boost their reach and engagement. With Sociabble, organizations can transform their workforce into brand ambassadors, amplifying their reach and credibility on social media. The platform provides innovative features that allow employees to share company, internal, external, and social media content from a centralized hub. Sociabble helps companies measure the traffic and impact generated by employees, empowering them to optimize their employee advocacy strategies. It is the go-to solution for organizations looking to engage, inform, and mobilize their employees for effective internal communication and external brand promotion.



EveryoneSocial is an employee advocacy platform that empowers teams to effortlessly share marketing, sales, and recruiting content. With nearly a decade of experience, EveryoneSocial has been instrumental in launching and scaling employee advocacy programs for companies of all sizes. Their innovative features and comprehensive solutions transform employees into genuine brand ambassadors, amplifying the company's reach and credibility. Through EveryoneSocial, employees can access and share approved company content with their networks, actively participating in promoting their organization. This leading employee advocacy platform is trusted by businesses looking to leverage the power of employee advocacy to enhance their marketing and sales efforts.

The Future of Marketing: How Employee Advocacy Tools Can Benefit Your Business 

Looking for the best employee advocacy software? Look no further! Our comprehensive buyer's guide covers everything you need to know. Compare top vendors and make an informed decision today. 

If you're looking to improve your company's brand visibility, increase employee engagement, and generate more leads, employee advocacy software may very well be the missing piece to your marketing puzzle. This powerful tool leverages the collective reach and influence of your employees on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, allowing them to share your brand's messaging with their network of connections. But with so many options available on the market, finding the right solution to meet your business needs can be a daunting task. In this buyer's guide, we'll take a closer look at what employee advocacy software is, what features to consider when making your choice, and what benefits you can expect to gain from implementing this valuable tool into your marketing strategy. 

What is employee advocacy software? 

This is a digital tool that enables company employees to promote the brand’s messages, news, and content on their personal social media accounts. It is designed to maximize your company’s reach on social media platforms and increase brand awareness among your target audience. With an employee advocacy package, companies can turn their teams into brand advocates, who can initialize social media campaigns, share job listings, as well as to be able to quickly respond to questions and customer service requests on social media platforms. Employee advocacy is the practice of promoting your company by enabling your employees to share content on their personal social media channels. This technique has become increasingly popular over the years, and companies are now investing in employee advocacy software tools to make it easier for their employees to share content and promote their organization. 

Some of its common use cases include:  
• Boosting brand awareness: By sharing company content and information on social media platforms, employees help increase brand visibility and attract potential customers to the organization.  
• Amplifying marketing campaigns: It is particularly useful for marketing and advertising campaigns as employees can share the content with their followers, thereby boosting the reach of the campaign and creating more leads.  
• Talent acquisition: Organizations use their employees to share job postings while encouraging their followers to apply as well. This is a great way to attract talented individuals that fit the company's culture. Companies with a successful employee advocacy program are 58% more likely to attract and 20% more likely to retain top talent.  
• Crisis management: In the event of a crisis, employees can use their networks to help manage reputational damage by quickly spreading accurate information and addressing concerns.  
• Employee engagement: Engage employees by ensuring that they feel their work is valuable to the company by will making them feel connected to the company's overall vision.  
This application is commonly used by B2B organizations, primarily those in the tech, finance, professional services, and healthcare industry, where companies require a strong online reputation. This excellent tool is good for increasing brand awareness, amplifying marketing campaigns, attracting top talent, managing reputational damage during the crisis, and engaging employees.  

What are the benefits of using an employee advocacy solution? 

This technology has become an increasingly popular tool for companies looking to leverage their employees' social media presence to maximize their marketing efforts and business growth. This software enables organizations to create and manage a workforce of brand ambassadors that can contribute positively to the company's marketing strategies.  
Here are some of its main benefits: 

  • Amplified social media reach: Employees, on average, have 10x the social media reach of their company's social media channels. This means that a company’s message shared by employees will potentially reach and influence more prospects, customers, and stakeholders. 
  • Increased visibility and brand reputation: When employees share content with their social networks, they are essentially promoting the brand and increasing their personal and professional networks' awareness. This helps increase brand awareness, establish the company's reputation, and attract potential customers. 79% of firms reported more online visibility once implementing a formal employee advocacy program.  
  • Improved content engagement rates: It makes it easy for employees to share content and engage their social media followings. Employees are more likely to engage with social posts shared by their peers than the company’s social media channels resulting in increased social media engagement rates. 
  • Cost-effective marketing: Employee advocacy is a low-cost way to distribute content and increase a company's social media visibility. By leveraging employee's personal social media accounts, organizations can save money that would typically be spent on advertising and other marketing activities. 
  • Improved employee engagement and relationships: By making employees active ambassadors of their organization, they feel more invested in the company’s success and become valuable brand advocates. By promoting employee advocacy, companies can increase employee engagement levels and improve relationships within the organization. 

Employee advocacy software has become essential for companies looking to create a brand advocacy workforce and amplify their social media presence cost-effectively. The above benefits show how it can improve engagement rates, increase visibility, build reputations, foster employee relationships, and drive business growth. 


10 key features of employee advocacy software 

Employee advocacy software (EAS) has become increasingly popular among businesses looking for effective ways to boost their social media presence. Here are 10 of its common features that can help you to increase the reach and engagement of your brand:  
1. Content curation: EAS can help you to curate relevant and engaging articles and posts that are aligned with your brand's image and values.  
2. Analytics: EAS provides you with powerful analytics to track your social media engagement and measure the success of your advocacy efforts.  
3. Employee engagement: EAS can help you to engage and motivate your employees to join your advocacy program by making it fun and rewarding.  
4. Compliance and security: EAS can help you to ensure that your advocacy program is compliant with regulations and that your employees' data and activities are secure.  
5. Content creation: EAS can help you to create and share custom content that is tailored to your business's unique needs.  
6. Social media integration: EAS can help you to integrate your social media accounts into a single platform, making it easy to manage and optimize your posts and campaigns.  
7. Training and guidance: EAS can provide your employees with training and guidance on how to best use social media for advocacy, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all channels.  
8. Gamification: EAS can add an element of competition and fun to your advocacy program by using gamification features such as points, badges, and leaderboards.  
9. Mobile access: EAS can provide your employees with mobile access, allowing them to participate in advocacy activities from anywhere, at any time.  
10. Ad tracking: EAS can help you to track the effectiveness of your social media ads, allowing you to adjust and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.  
By utilizing these common features of this solution, you can create a powerful advocacy program that leverages the social media networks of your employees, boosting your brand's reach, engagement, and credibility. 

Things to consider when purchasing an employee advocacy package 

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool when it comes to enhancing your brand's online reach and engagement. However, managing an employee advocacy program is not an easy task, especially when you are working with a large number of employees. If your business is considering investing in this system, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key factors you should keep in mind:  
1. Integration: This solution is only effective if it integrates with other tools your business uses. Consider if it can integrate with your social media management tools, email marketing tools, or any other relevant tools your business uses.  
2. User-friendliness: Any software you invest in should be easy to use for the employees and the management team. A user-friendly interface makes adoption easier, and the program’s efficiency improves.  
3. Customization: Every business is different, so the configuration of the system should match your organization's specific demands and needs. Consider that offers customization and features that will fit your requirements.  
4. Measurement and analytics: Reporting and analytics are important in any program. Ensure that it allows you to measure the success of your employee advocacy program with clear metrics, and offers relevant data to analyze. The more data you have, the better you can adapt the program to work more effectively.  
5. Security: The protection of sensitive data regarding the company and the employees is critical. Always ensure the program you consider adequately prioritizes data protection, including encryption, secure logins, and other advanced security features to keep private data confidential, and prevent any leakage.  
6. Training and support: Ensure the provider of the solution offers adequate training and support to your team. Ask about the training materials, technical support, available resources, and customer service to ensure employees don’t feel lost and feel like they have resources for when they have any questions or issues.  
Consider these key factors, and you are likely to select an employee advocacy package that will match your organization's requirements. Invest wisely and see your employee advocacy program flourish. 

Industry trends for employee advocacy software 

As we look towards 2024 and beyond, it's clear that employee advocacy software will continue to evolve. Here are some of the biggest trends in this space that we can expect to see: 

  1. Integration with AI and machine learning
    Advancements in AI and machine learning will make it easier for employee advocacy program to personalize content based on the interests and preferences of individual employees. This will increase the relevance of the content and improve employee engagement.
  2. Mobile-first approach
    With the rise of mobile usage, employee advocacy tools will become increasingly mobile-friendly, with features such as push notifications and mobile app integration.
  3. Video content
    The use of video content in employee advocacy will continue to grow, with tools offering more video sharing and creation capabilities.
  4. Gamification
    Gamification will become more prevalent in this industry, with leaderboards, badges, and rewards for top advocates.
  5. Metrics and analytics
    This solution will offer more robust metrics and analytics, allowing companies to track the effectiveness of their employee advocacy efforts and make data-driven decisions.
  6. Employee-generated content
    Companies will increasingly rely on their employees to create and share content, rather than relying solely on marketing and PR teams. 
  7. Integration with other marketing channels
    Employee advocacy tools will integrate more closely with other marketing channels, such as social media advertising and influencer marketing.


In conclusion, companies that invest in employee advocacy software can anticipate reaping the rewards of heightened brand awareness, enhanced employee engagement, and a bolstered social media presence. The trends delineated above suggest that this technology will continue to evolve and prove increasingly efficacious in the future, cementing its status as an indispensable tool for businesses striving to maintain a competitive edge.