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Applicant Tracking Software refers to a specialized software tool designed to streamline and automate the hiring process for organizations of all sizes. This software serves as a centralized system to assist HR teams in managing job postings, tracking applicants, and facilitating communication with candidates. With this software, recruiters can easily post job vacancies across multiple job boards and websites, filter resumes, set up interviews, and work collaboratively with team members. The software also provides features such as resume analysis, automatic email replies, candidate monitoring, and analytics, making it an indispensable tool for efficient recruitment.

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Avature is a global human capital management software as a service company that offers innovative solutions for talent acquisition and management. Their comprehensive toolset, including Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Careers Sites, and Video Interviewing, provides organizations with a digitally powered and fully bespoke recruiting experience. Avature's AI-powered platform empowers leading companies to attract, hire, retain, and manage top talent. With a focus on collaboration, request management, and recruitment effectiveness, Avature has become a trusted choice for global organizations seeking to go beyond the constraints of legacy ATS systems. Their services are utilized by enterprises across various industries.



CareerBuilder is a leading company in the field of recruiting solutions and employment screening. They offer a range of services, including applicant tracking systems, background screening, and human capital management. With their comprehensive suite of advertising, software, and services, CareerBuilder helps employers find and attract quality candidates for their job openings. They have built a strong reputation in the industry and are trusted by millions of employers and job seekers worldwide. CareerBuilder's applicant tracking system is highly regarded by staffing firms and offers tools that streamline the hiring process, making it easier for companies to manage and track their applicant pool. Overall, CareerBuilder is a reliable and effective resource for employers seeking top talent.


<p> is a project management and collaboration software company that offers a wide range of solutions for teams and organizations. Their platform allows users to manage projects, track progress, collaborate with teammates, and streamline workflows. With features such as file sharing, document management, and team collaboration tools, enables users to centralize their work and improve productivity. The company&#39;s services are utilized by various industries, including businesses of all sizes, project teams, remote teams, and collaborative groups. Whether you&#39;re a law firm, a marketing agency, or any other type of organization, provides tools to enhance communication, organization, and project management efforts.</p>



ZipRecruiter is an industry-leading job board and online employment marketplace that has been serving employers and job seekers for over a decade. Their platform offers a powerful and flexible job board solution called, which allows users to create their own job board and instantly display over 8 million job listings from the ZipRecruiter database. With's white-label software, businesses can easily customize their job board to match their brand identity. ZipRecruiter also offers job posting services, allowing employers to post jobs to multiple job boards with just one click. Their services are used by a wide range of companies and organizations looking for efficient and effective recruitment solutions.




<p>HireRight helps employers hire the right candidates by delivering global employment background checks, drug testing, education verification, E-Verify services, and other workforce solutions. Employers can tailor HireRight&rsquo;s extensive screening solutions to meet their unique needs, giving them peace of mind about their hiring and vetting processes. HireRight&rsquo;s platform integrates with many existing HR platforms and applicant tracking systems, giving organizations and candidates the best possible experience.</p> <p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>HireRight has U.S. offices in Nashville, Tenn., Tulsa, Okla., Chapin, S.C., Dallas, Texas, and Irvine, Calif., and international offices in Australia, Canada, Estonia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, the UAE, and the UK. Learn more at</p>

Paycor is a company that offers a comprehensive suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, including recruiting and applicant tracking systems. Their applicant tracking system (ATS) is designed to streamline and automate the hiring process, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to find, attract, and hire the right talent. The ATS provides features such as job posting to multiple job boards, background check integration, and a centralized recruitment dashboard to track job seekers throughout the hiring process. Paycor's recruiting and hiring software is built by recruiters, for recruiters, and is utilized by organizations looking to optimize their recruitment strategies and enhance their hiring efficiency.



Rippling is an employee management software company that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services for time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, and HR management. With Rippling, businesses can efficiently manage employee data, streamline payroll operations, and ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. The company provides customizable time tracking and attendance solutions that allow businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs. Rippling's services are utilized by a wide range of organizations, including small businesses, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises, seeking to enhance their workforce management processes and improve operational efficiency.

Njoyn is a leading applicant tracking system (ATS) company based in Canada. They specialize in developing and providing a web-based recruitment management system, also named Njoyn, which automates and simplifies the recruitment processes for businesses. With customizable features, Njoyn helps streamline the hiring process for enterprise-level organizations, such as Canada Post. The ATS system efficiently sorts and manages resumes, ensuring that the right candidates' credentials reach employers' inboxes. Njoyn's software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for applicant tracking and has gained popularity among various companies seeking efficient hiring practices.



iSolved is a leading provider of comprehensive workforce management solutions. Their suite of software tools includes time and attendance management, payroll processing, and human capital management (HCM) capabilities. With their user-friendly and efficient systems, iSolved helps businesses of all sizes streamline their HR processes, ensuring accurate time tracking, attendance management, and payroll compliance. Their cloud-based platform is designed to meet the needs of diverse industries, from small businesses to large enterprises. iSolved's solutions are trusted by millions of users and offer features like eliminating buddy punching, managing employee profiles, and optimizing time and labor management.



Jobvite is a leading applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment platform utilized by thousands of companies worldwide. With its cloud-based software, Jobvite streamlines complex talent acquisition activities, providing exceptional candidate experiences and enhancing the efficiency and capacity of talent acquisition teams. The platform offers a robust applicant tracking system and empowers companies with powerful data insights for better hiring decisions. Jobvite's intelligent automation and user-friendly interface make it easy to hire and onboard candidates faster and smarter. The company's ATS is highly praised for its intuitiveness and comprehensive functionality, meeting all the requirements of businesses in the hiring process. Jobvite is trusted by a diverse range of organizations, including enterprises, small to medium-sized businesses, and recruitment agencies.

Get the Right Candidates, Fast: A Buyer's Guide to Applicant Tracking Software

Looking for the best applicant tracking software? Our comprehensive buyer's guide has got you covered. Discover top-rated solutions and make informed decisions to streamline your hiring process. Click now!  

 As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, companies need an efficient and effective way to manage their hiring process. That's where applicant tracking software (ATS) comes in, streamlining everything from posting job openings to reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. 

The ATS market is fast growing, with Grand View Research predicting it will be worth $3.71 billion by 2030, compared to $2.14 billion in 2021. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But fear not, because this ATS buyer's guide is here to help. In it, we'll dive into the features and benefits of various ATS offerings, so that you can make an informed decision and find the software that meets the unique needs of your business. 

What is applicant tracking software? 

Applicant tracking software, commonly known as ATS, is a type of software that helps companies manage their recruitment process more efficiently. It acts as a centralized database, allowing companies to track, store, and manage all candidate information in one place. Before the advent of applicant tracking systems, companies used manual methods, which were time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. The introduction of ATS has revolutionized recruitment, making the process faster, easier, and less expensive. 
ATS is widely used by companies across various industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, education, government, and nonprofit organizations to help them streamline their recruitment process by automating tasks. In fact, it's estimated that 75% of recruiters use an ATS for the hiring process. It also provides powerful analytics and reporting features that can help companies analyze their recruitment data and make data-driven decisions. 
Common use cases of applicant tracking software include: 

  • Resume screening: Applicant tracking systems automatically scan resumes for specific keywords, qualifications, and job requirements to identify the most qualified candidates. 
  • Candidate tracking: It allows companies to track and manage candidate status, emails, interview schedules, and feedback. 
  • Interview scheduling: applicant tracking also helps streamline the scheduling process by sending automated interview invitations and reminders. 
  • Collaborative hiring: It enables recruitment teams to collaborate and easily share candidate information, schedules, and feedback. 
  • Compliance: This type of software helps companies comply with federal and state laws related to recruitment and hiring. 

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the types of companies that use applicant tracking software. However, companies that have a large number of job openings and receive a high volume of resumes often benefit the most from using an applicant tracking program. 

With the rising trend of remote work, the need for ATS has increased, especially for companies that get flooded with applications. 

Key benefits of implementing applicant tracking software 

In today's competitive job market, recruiting and hiring the right talent for your business can be a challenge, with hundreds of resumes pouring in for a single position. This is where applicant tracking software can lighten the load and streamline your recruitment process. 

Applicant tracking systems are a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes, as it offers a range of benefits that can help to attract, evaluate, and hire top talent in an efficient and effective manner. Despite traditionally being most useful for large enterprises, 60% of small to medium-sized businesses with less than 100 employees plan to invest in ATS. 
Here are the main benefits of applicant tracking software: 

  • Applicant tracking systems can help to identify the best candidates for open positions based on their qualifications and experience by screening resumes to determine the most qualified applicants. 
  • It saves businesses time by automating many tasks such as pre-screening, candidate communication, interview scheduling and applicant tracking, which would otherwise be time-consuming for the HR team. 
  • Applicant tracking platforms allow multiple stakeholders within a business to collaborate and share notes on candidates, ensuring a seamless recruitment process that keeps everyone on the same page. 
  • Applicant tracking can also help ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process, which is key to retaining top talent, by managing all your candidate application data in one central database. 
  • It helps ensure compliance with equal opportunity employment laws to prevent discrimination by standardizing screening, reviewing and ranking. 

Applicant tracking software is a valuable tool for any business looking to simplify their recruitment processes and attract top talent. These types of platforms are highly customizable and offer a variety of solutions, ranging from candidate sourcing and screening to new hire orientation. As a result, they can save your company significant time and money while increasing recruitment effectiveness and the quality of your hires. 

10 important features of applicant tracking software 

ATS is a crucial component of the modern recruitment process. Designed to automate the initial screening stages of the hiring process, it can save recruiters and hiring managers time by filtering out under qualified applicants and highlighting the most promising applications. Here, we'll take a closer look at ten important features you need in your applicant tracking software: 

  1. Resume parsing

A key feature of applicant tracking systems is the ability to parse resumes. By analyzing resumes and extracting relevant information, this feature enables the automated processing of candidate applications. 

  1. Keyword filtering

To ensure that only the most suitable candidates are considered, ATS platforms can filter resumes based on keywords related to the job requirements. This helps hiring managers quickly identify the most appropriate candidates for the role. 

  1. Customizable workflows

Many ATS solutions offer customizable workflows, allowing recruiters to set up their own unique recruitment process. This feature ensures that every stage of the recruitment process is clearly defined and structured based on how your organization operates. 

  1. Automated communications

This type of software can also automate communications with candidates, reducing the workload for recruitment teams. Automated emails, reminders, and notifications can keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the recruitment process. 

  1. Talent pool management

With the right ATS, recruiters can build and manage a talent pool of qualified candidates. By keeping track of all previous applications, candidate information and resumes, recruiters can draw upon this pool as and when needed. 

  1. Social media integration

Leveraging social media platforms, applicant tracking software can source candidates more effectively and reach a wider audience of potential job seekers. 

  1. Reporting and analytics

ATS platforms need to be able to provide recruiters with detailed reporting and analytics. This feature allows recruitment teams to quickly identify trends, issues, and areas for improvement within the recruitment process. 

  1. Collaboration and user roles

Many ATS solutions come with user role management and collaboration features, allowing recruitment teams to work together more effectively with other departments and stakeholders within the business. This feature ensures that everyone involved in the recruitment process can access the right information at the right time. 

  1. Compliance features

With evolving data privacy and compliance laws, applicant tracking programs with built-in compliance features can help recruiters stay on the right side of the law.  

  1. Integration capabilities

Finally, it's important applicant tracking software can integrate with other HR systems, such as performance management or employee onboarding tools. This integration ensures the recruitment processes can be aligned with other HR activities, creating a more holistic and streamlined approach to people management. 

With these ten core features, applicant tracking systems can help make the recruitment process easier, more efficient, and more effective. By automating key stages of the hiring process, ATS can help recruiters and hiring managers find the best candidates for the job. 

8 considerations when choosing applicant tracking software 

Applicant tracking systems have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and industries to manage their recruitment and hiring processes. However, it can be challenging to determine which ATS will best serve your business needs. Here, we'll explore the key factors to consider when purchasing an applicant tracking program: 

  1. User-friendliness

Your ATS should be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling recruiters and HR staff to navigate the software without spending too much of their valuable time learning how to use it. 

  1. Customizable

It should provide organizations with the ability to customize their candidate sourcing, screening, and the onboarding process based on their specific needs. 

  1. Integration capability

Your ATS needs to be able to integrate seamlessly with your existing HR technologies, such as HR management systems, payroll software, and job boards. 

  1. Mobile-friendliness

The platform should be mobile-friendly, enabling recruiters to access and manage the recruiting process from anywhere, anytime, using their mobile device. 

  1. Recruitment marketing

The platform needs to be able to support employers in marketing their job openings effectively source candidates. 

  1. Compliance features

Applicant tracking systems should comply with all legal requirements and industry standards. It shouldn't discriminate against protected classes and implement an equal opportunity approach. 

  1. Analytics

It needs to be able to provide employers with detailed analytics and insights into their recruitment and hiring process, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. 

  1. Pricing

Most importantly, it needs to be able to provide a pricing plan that is flexible and affordable, aligning with an organization's budget. 
Choosing the right ATS is critical for managing recruitment effectively. Applicant tracking systems should be user-friendly,  able to integrate with current systems, and provide useful analytics. These considerations will enable HR personnel to choose the right applicant tracking system for their recruitment process, making it efficient and cost-effective. 


Software trends for applicant tracking software 

In 2024 and beyond, ATS advancements will change the way hiring is done. One of the biggest trends will be the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment technology. 

Applicant tracking systems leveraging AI will be able to provide quicker and more accurate resume screening and candidate matching. 

The rising importance of mobile-friendly ATS solutions will also be important as the convenience of mobile devices allows for faster interactions and applications. Coupled with the rise of remote working, it'll be even more important for recruiters to be responsive and be able to access applicant tracking programs on the go. 

Additionally, gamification elements are expected to be integrated into the hiring process, making it more engaging and interactive. 

The integration of video interviewing software in ATS platforms is also expected to allow for a more efficient hiring process, decreasing the time it takes to screen candidates.