4 Ways a CRM Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts


Jessica ComptonMarketing Co-Ordinator for PragmatiQ Solutions

Friday, July 26, 2019

CRM systems provide a huge number of benefits, from driving new business to increasing productivity. These benefits remain as standard across most industries, however, the most value is gained when the system is customized to the specific requirements of a company or industry in order to really improve processes.

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4 Ways a CRM Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

PragmatiQ Solutions, a CRM provider, discusses four key benefits a CRM can deliver...

1. Increase employee productivity

Without a CRM system, your business could be storing data in multiple places. This becomes a challenge when data needs to be gathered quickly and efficiently, hindering employee productivity. A CRM overcomes this challenge by storing data in one centralized system, providing employees with a 360-degree view of a customer quickly and easily. As a result, teams are aligned on the data they use, less time is spent searching for information and productivity is improved.

2. Access to real-time information

Access to real-time information is another benefit, ensuring team members are on the same page. Without up-to-date information, the risk of errors increases, and it can be difficult to track and manage progress effectively. For example, employees within professional service organizations may also require access to client information on-the-go, so having access to real-time information is essential. 

3. Improve customer service

Providing great service is a goal for any organization. However, this can be difficult to achieve if you haven’t got a detailed view of your clients. A CRM system allows you to record information on a client, such as meeting notes, activities, calls etc. and store this information in one place to create a seamless experience that enables employees to track each stage of the relationship. Alongside this, your business can respond to individual customer needs and achieve your goal of providing a great customer service.

4. Retaining client knowledge when professionals leave

A common problem for businesses is the loss of network connections when an individual leaves an organization. Time is then spent figuring out how to pick up where the employee left off and building those connections again, however, a CRM can help to overcome this issue.  All information around a client, including notes, emails, calls and more can be easily accessed by anyone in the business, meaning the client receives a seamless service and the organization can pick up where they left off.

In summary...

Having a CRM in place, which makes your business more efficient, increases sales and streamlines processes, is essential if you want to deliver a tailored experience for your clients. If you don’t adopt a CRM in today’s competitive business environment, you may end up falling behind your competitors.

Jessica Compton

I’m the Marketing Co-Ordinator for PragmatiQ Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. We design and implement tailored CRM systems, supporting businesses in managing their customer relationships, streamlining operations and gaining insights from their data.


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