How to Improve Your User Engagement: 5 Useful Tools


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Friday, August 16, 2019

Today, users are more demanding than ever before. Not only do they demand instant gratification but also personalized services and attention. Of course, your customers are the heroes of your story, and if you don’t give them what they want, they’ll soon abandon ship and move to your competitors.

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How to Improve your User Engagement: 5 Useful Tools

Data from the Aberdeen Group suggests:

Companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.


Unfortunately, many brands make the folly of designing great websites for their customers but don’t pay enough attention to user engagement – leading to high traffic but low conversions.

Consider this:

  • 40% of customers turn to a competitor because of their reputation for great customer service.
  • Customer retention is 14% higher among companies that invest in big data and analytics.
  • 89% of consumers stop doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.
  • Fully engaged customers represent a 23% share of profitability, revenue, and relationship growth compared to the average customer.

Are you making the most of your website to engage your customers? Here are some of the top-rated tools that will help you improve user engagement on your website:


In a survey by LivePerson, 82% of consumers said that getting their issue resolved quickly is the number one factor to great customer experience. Besides expecting a speedy resolution, modern-day customers make use of up to six touchpoints regularly to contact your business. Acquire is a scalable software that enables real-time support by adding live chat to your website and other customer engagement channels.

Installing the software doesn’t require any download and adds several tools to your digital platforms, including interactive co-browsing technology with live chat, chatbot, as well as video and voice calling. The software integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, including your CRM and other customer service software such as Zendesk.


14-day free trial, followed by $40/agent per month (min. 5 agents required). Enterprise-level solutions are also available.

Free demo available. homepage

2. Hello Bar

A simple, actionable toolbar at the top of your web page can improve your conversion rate significantly. With Hello Bar, you get a non-scrolling toolbar at the top of your website that’s always visible to your visitors, however far they may scroll. You can use this bar for several purposes, such as:

  • Getting more email subscribers
  • Split testing your webpage
  • Directing visitors to your blog or social media
  • Sharing offers and discounts
  • Receiving more shares on social media

Using Hello Bar is exceptionally simple. You only need to enter your website domain and log in with a Google account.

As easy as it gets, isn’t it?


Starter – Free (5,000 views)

Growth - $29/month (50,000 views)

Elite - $99/month (500,000 views)

Visit the pricing page for offers and discounts.

Hello Bar homepage

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is an excellent solution for medium and large-scale organizations looking for an all-in-one customer service software. It offers a range of products to help businesses improve their customer relationships, such as customer support management tools, live chat integration, knowledgebase tools, and a powerful call center software.

Companies can also use Zendesk’s ticketing system to collect and manage customer support requests from a single location.
If you’re a large organization, Zendesk is a great choice to help your customers on their preferred platforms. It’s also possible to build your own Zendesk App for additional features. Another useful function to reduce your support queues directs users to FAQs before they can contact your agents for resolution.

Easy integration with existing CRM is a bonus.


Get a customized plan starting at $5/month per agent. 

Free demo available.

Zendesk homepage

4. Hubspot

A complete marketing automation software that doubles up as a CRM; Hubspot is perfect to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

The main attraction of Hubspot lies in the fact that it integrates three main functions that often require businesses to use three different tools. By creating a single platform for CRM, marketing, and sales – it can save your company enough time and hassle to better focus on growing revenue. The software also offers seamless third-party integrations with popular software such as Survey Monkey and Salesforce.

Steep costs and lock-in contracts seem to be the only cons associated with the software. However, if you’re an established business with a large marketing budget, Hubspot is an excellent tool to streamline your marketing efforts, nurture leads, and boost conversions effectively.


Starter — $50/month (up to 1,000 contacts)

Professional — $800/month (up to 1,000 contacts)

Enterprise — $3,200/month (up to 10,000 contacts)

Visit the pricing page for discounts and offers.

Hubspot homepage

5. Sprout Social

Are you having a hard time managing multiple social media platforms for your business? Social Sprout can make your life easier by letting you share the same message across various social platforms. The software includes several modules that enable simple planning and management of content while also allowing multiple teams to track user engagement across platforms with detailed reports. You can also use Sprout Social to reply to messages in real-time or provide automated responses to queries.

Sprout Social also includes a social CRM system that records your interaction history with various contacts for better personalization. 


Standard - $99/user per month

Professional - $149/ user per month

Advanced - $249/user per month

Free trial available.

Sprout Social homepage

Get ready to wow your visitors!

Having an exceptional product or service is not enough. Customers are making their buying decisions based on the experiences offered by a company. It’s therefore vital to invest in customer engagement tools that enable you to help your customers wherever they are. The tools mentioned above will undoubtedly increase the engagement on your site, turning your visitors into loyal customers. 

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