How to Expand Your B2B Business into E-Commerce


Marty AcksSenior Director of Product Management at CDI Technology

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

This infographic provides you with tips for taking your B2B company online with an effective e-commerce store.

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How to Expand Your B2B Business into E-Commerce [Infographic]

You may shut down your office and go home for the night, but your business is never truly closed anymore. The internet has made it possible for you and your customers to work 24/7, even if you’re in bed or on vacation. If you have a B2B operation that doesn’t take full advantage of ecommerce, you’re leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. Yet you can’t just launch an online store and expect to be competitive by your mere presence in cyberspace.

Building an ecommerce store requires some careful planning and savvy. For example, ensure that no matter what type of platform a potential customer uses, it’ll load quickly and without glitches. A clean, simple layout is critical for improving the user experience. Connecting the site to your ERP also provides real-time pricing and availability information, which can be crucial for helping users make a decision. It’s also imperative to prioritize security because you want clients to feel safe giving you their financial information.

There’s no longer an “off” switch for your enterprise, and technology is the reason why. Be sure you’re using everything available to you to its fullest potential by implementing the tips found in the accompanying infographic.

CDI Technology looks at the best ways businesses can prepare when they're looking to launch their products or services online

Marty Acks

Marty Acks is Senior Director of Product Management for CDI Technology, which focuses on delivering intuitive payment processing, e-commerce, point-of-sale and supplier collaboration solutions to enterprise-level organizations.


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