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Ardziv SimonianContent Creator at Website Builder Expert

Friday, March 12, 2021

In today's digital world, more customers are surfing the web. Whether you're improving your website or building a new one, it's vital that you put users first.

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With more customers increasingly turning to online stores and services from shopping to film watching, the website homepage has taken the place of the display window store-front. It has to be eye-catching and highlight the key details – use, price, sizes - whatever the item is on sale right away.

The main difference is that an online consumer can visit as many ecommerce websites in a minute as a shopper would in an afternoon. We’re in a vastly different time and with countless options to choose from, web design has never been more important. A well-designed, functional, and fully optimized website can be the difference between driving customers away and creating a loyal following.

If a particular page is driving customers away, you need to identify what the issue is. Is the user struggling to locate a specific item? Is the page taking too long to load? Is that item unavailable for shipping? Ironing out these details reveals other factors needing to be addressed, such as updating old content, optimizing images that are too large, and adding personalization/localization services for users to feel more connected.

Taking these considerations into account to put users first, Website Builder Expert have launched their Web Design Trends for 2021 infographic that has more points, statistics, and information on how to use these ideas.

Web design trends and stats infographic


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Ardziv Simonian

Content Creator at Website Builder Expert


Ardziv Simonian is a content creator at Website Builder Expert. He aims to provide useful content and simplify complex subjects to help readers understand and learn quicker.


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