5 Tips to Amplify Your SEO Using Video Content

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Although SEO can seem like a black box when you first start researching it, many valid techniques will allow you to boost your ranking on Google and get more visitors. Video content is one of the best practices all marketers should employ to amplify their SEO.

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5 Tips to Amplify Your SEO Using Video Content

Even though it might not be intuitive initially, video content can benefit your SEO. According to research done by Forrester, video content is 50 times more likely to be ranked organically than text-based results.

It’s not as easy to start creating video content if you aren’t experienced in such an endeavor. However, the pay-off regarding ranking and increased views is worth the effort.

Studies suggest that video content amounts to more than half of internet traffic, and many people prefer video over other forms of content. From an SEO perspective, video content will positively impact your website’s ranking, but videos are a great way to make your content more memorable.

1. Using transcriptions

Video transcriptions found their way as a part of many video marketing strategies. Marketing specialists, podcasts and marketers can use transcriptions in the field to create more content out of a single video. They can also be used to improve the ranking of the videos published in the past.

There are two paths to creating video transcriptions. The first includes hiring someone to transcribe your video manually, and the second includes utilizing transcription software. Although people might be doubtful about transcription software, this software is continuously advancing and has become more refined and accurate in the past few years.

Transcribing MP3 to text for accessibility

Unfortunately, around 15% of American adults have some form of hearing problem, and transcriptions are a way of letting those people enjoy video content that they couldn’t otherwise.

Most internet users are non-native English speakers, and transcriptions will allow them to follow videos at their own pace and understand the content better. On top of this, software such as Happy Scribe’s MP3 to text tool allows the conversion of MP3 format to more than 60 languages. Captions or descriptions in other languages will help you reach a broader audience.

Transcriptions and SEO

Incorporating a complete or partial transcription under your video will increase your chances of ranking for specific keywords on search engines. When you have a full transcription of a video, you can use it to publish it on its own in the form of a long-form post.

But, with some editing and rewriting, it can be published as an article on a blog, or you can use it in creating other forms of content such as social media posts, infographics, quotations in the form of pictures, etc.

2. Adding videos throughout your website

People are much more eager to click on video content than text-based content. But besides, for the sake of SEO, many studies show that video content is a better way to introduce them to a product rather than textual content.

Adding videos throughout your website increases the chances of people discovering your website and also staying there and exploring. For example, a video on your “About us” that explains your company's mission will have a more significant impact on a visitor than a long boring article or a brief paragraph.

In ecommerce and technology spaces, consumers will have much more trust in a video presenting the product, whether physical or digital. Another way of building trust between your company and the customer through videos on your website is through testimonials in the form of videos.

Whether the person on the testimonial is a regular customer, a high-profile influencer or a CEO of a known company, the video will impact the visitor more than a simple citation.

3. Sharing videos on social media

Besides the fact that even social media has an impact on SEO, sharing videos on social media will allow the users of the platform in question to discover your website and follow it. Almost every major company has social media channels that post relevant announcements and promotions.

Whether through hashtags or by utilizing relevant keywords in your social media posts, videos will drag more people to your profile and, eventually, convert them to sales.

Sharing transcriptions on social media

Transcriptions are a powerful tool that allows more people to enjoy video content. Chances are that people scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook feeds aren’t in the headspace to watch long videos.

Transcriptions can be used as a description for the social media post, allowing people to skim through the text. Other ways of utilizing transcriptions can include creating citations in the form of multiple slides of the most valuable info taken out from the video.

4. Implement strong CTAs

Using a well-placed call-to-action in the description of a video will increase the chances of the person viewing it and potentially convert the person from a viewer to a lead. The same result can be achieved by using CTAs throughout the video itself.

Whether the intention of the CTA in the video is to draw the attention of a user to a specific product or content on your website, this mental push will direct the visitor toward making an action.

Before utilizing this technique, you first need to come up with the place to which you want to “send” the visitor. This can often be a home page, product page or something else. To prevent the user from leaving the video before receiving the information, the CTA should be included at the end of the video.

5. Optimizing the video’s title and meta description

The video’s title and description should include keywords related to the video clip. A good description should consist of a CTA and a captivating topic description. The trick with video titles and descriptions is that they allow a limited amount of words, so you need to make the most out of them.

Although people tend to be attracted to clickbait titles, if they don’t obtain the information that they were expecting, they will avoid your content in the future. Clickbait titles are an easy way of attracting visitors, yet it’s very poor at keeping them.

Final thoughts

Although SEO can seem like a black box when you first start researching it, many valid techniques will allow you to boost your ranking on Google and get more visitors. Video content is one of the best practices all marketers should employ to amplify their SEO.

Methods such as using transcriptions, CTAs and carefully optimized titles and meta-descriptions can do wonders for your traffic. However, the tips mentioned in the article can only be a substitution for high-quality content.


Do videos increase SEO?

Video content has an impact on SEO. Data from various sources indicate that videos have a much higher chance of achieving the first page on Google than text-based pages.

Articles that have videos also have an advantage when it comes to SEO. Besides increasing organic traffic, they also increase on-page engagement, which is also a significant factor for SEO.

Is video content important for SEO?

Video content isn’t among the key factors when it comes to SEO. There are many more critical factors that you should work on before implementing video content on your website.

Plagiarism, poorly written content and slow loading speed are much bigger deal-breakers than the lack of video content. However, considering SEO, video content will be a great advantage for your website.

Do videos increase website traffic?

Videos are known to increase website traffic but are also a great way to increase conversions. Videos are a powerful way of increasing website traffic since a single video can be utilized on multiple platforms.

As mentioned before, videos help improve the organic traffic received from search engines, but the same video can be posted on social media accounts and YouTube. This allows you to harvest viewers from multiple platforms.

With the growing popularity of short-form videos, you can take out the important parts of the video and post them on platforms such as Instagram Reels, Tiktok and YouTube shorts. This might lead people to want more of your content and visit your website and social accounts.

Why is video content so powerful?

People are much more inclined to relate to a voice and a face than textual content. With the decreased attention span of the younger audience, many would prefer an alternative to walls of text. Listening to someone of authority explain a topic or review a product builds trust between a viewer and a brand, and it can be much more enjoyable.

Many forms of video content can be used to create a better image for your company, and it’s up to you to master the one that's the most suitable for you.

The downside of video content is that it can often require a lot of resources. From high-quality cameras to video editors, there are many necessities that you need to invest in before creating video content.

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