29 Newsletter Ideas to Always Keep Your Subscribers Wanting More


Sabrina SedicotWriter at Appnova

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Newsletters have come a long way in recent years. From humble beginnings as printed news blurbs to interactive digital formats, newsletters remain one of the simplest and most effective ways to share important business news and updates.

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29 Newsletter Ideas to Always Keep Your Subscribers Wanting More

Many may remember newsletters as weekly bits of information your school sent home with you to give to your parents. This then moved on to becoming monthly communications sent via mail on behalf of your favourite organizations as well as brands.

Newsletters, or emailers as we have come to refer to them, have now evolved to the point where they've become weekly, or even daily, updates about almost anything that you have expressed interest in. As consumers or end-readers, not a lot of thought goes into the planning and distribution of these content pieces. However, for organisations, this can become a daunting task. What do you talk about, and more importantly, how do you remain relevant?

To help answer this question, we’ll share a few newsletter content ideas that are bound to keep your subscribers entertained and wanting more.

What are the 5 elements of an effective newsletter?

When it comes to creating a newsletter, there are a few things you need to consider, consider it the basis of newsletter best practices if you will. These include:

  1. A well thought out design
  2. Content that tells a story
  3. A clear focus on the customer and their interests
  4. A concept that is short, sweet and to the point
  5. A call to action giving the customer the next steps on their journey

29 interesting newsletter ideas

Now you may be asking yourself, “What are good topics for a newsletter?", and if you're stumped for answers don't worry about it – we'll share a few with you.

Inspirational newsletter ideas

As this section header implies, this content will inspire the reader and generate interest in what your company is about.

  • Share business updates and changes
  • Communicate important milestones
  • Share an employee story – how they got into the position they’re in today
  • Tell your business story and why you exist – your purpose and drive
  • Share job listings
  • Identify and share motivational quotes or sayings that are meaningful and relevant to the business

Interactive newsletter ideas

It's not enough to simply share content, sometimes the best way to get customers interested in your content is to make it interactive.

  • Consider adding quizzes or polls
  • Launch a competition that requires further engagement
  • Share newsletter exclusive deals and discounts
  • Give customers the chance to share their feedback
  • Consider adding multimedia elements to your design, like a GIF or video
  • Host online events with invitations that are only accessible through the newsletter
  • Promote your app and link it to a feature in your newsletter – like the polls or Q&A functionality

Newsletter engagement Ideas

Similar to the content mentioned above, you’ll want to find innovative ways of having your audience engage with the content that you’re producing.

  • Provide access to the management team for an exclusive Q&A session
  • Pose questions and provide a space for them to be answered
  • Use surveys and rating scales to receive feedback and input
  • Consider using AR to elevate the experience
  • Share important dates and opportunities to get involved

Newsletter interview ideas

Sometimes the best content is right in front of you, you simply need to tap into it.

  • Have your CEO share a monthly message and business roundup
  • Share the stories of your internal team members – what they do and why they chose to work for you
  • Reach out to stakeholders and other interested individuals to discuss trending topics
  • Ask industry experts their opinion on market changes and what it means for the customer
  • Speak to your customers about their experience and share success stories wherever possible

Roundup newsletter ideas

Content that has already been shared can still be useful. Sometimes it’s missed the first time, or can be used in a wider context.

  • Share links to articles and blogs that you have published
  • Link back to news that mentions your business or the industry that you’re in
  • Compile a reading list that will be beneficial to your audience
  • Curate a selection of helpful videos that can be shared with your audience
  • Share customer reviews
  • List facts that people may not know about your business – for example, there are 534 steps in the stairwell

Keep your subscribers wanting more with these simple ideas

Newsletters do not need to be a tedious, time-consuming task. It's about collecting information from the world around you and presenting it in an easy to understand manner.

Do it right, and you’ll have a subscriber base eagerly awaiting your next piece of content. Do it wrong, and you’ll have people clicking that unsubscribe button faster than Usain Bolt reaching the finish line.

Sabrina Sedicot

Writer at Appnova


Sabrina is a content writer for Appnova, an eCommerce agency based in London that specializes in eCommerce strategy and planning. She writes on a variety of topics that range from SEO and PPC to eCommerce web development.   



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